name change checklist

if you think you go to the social security office to change your name and it’s done in one fell swoop, i’ve got some news for you.  this is a multi-step process.  i mean, think of all the things that use your name.  of course, you can pay to have your name changed in all of the important places but i have other things i’d like to spend $35 on: a pedicure, dinner out with a friend, a negligee to wear for my new husband, or a replacement hub cap. so if you’re like me and want to have-at the name-changing game all by yourself here’s what you’ll to change and my status on each:

  •  social security card 
  • passport. i think i might be lazy on this one and change it just before i need it.
  • driver’s license
  • employer (W-4, email, business cards).  i opted to just change the “from” in my work email address and keep my old business cards.  i felt bad throwing out a whole box of business cards.  my contact info is still the same so the person can find me if they need me.
  • bank still waiting on my new debit cards though.
  • credit cards.  should i be surprised that this one is the biggest pain?
  • health insurance (if it’s not taken care of by your employer)
  • retirement account (if it’s not taken care of by your employer)
  • car insurance
  • utilities ok, we may have just moved into a building where utilities are included so maybe i cheated a bit to cross this one off 
  • magazine subscriptions

what about online shopping sites? and groupon, livingsocial?  i’d also like my name changed on so that our restaurant reservations are in my married name.

anything i forgot?