i love the mailman.

i just walked by the mailman on my way home and i wanted to stop and say to him “do you know how happy you make people?”  i’ve had this thought and almost stopped a mailman on multiple occassions. i rarely get anything in the mail aside from fliers and bills, but the chance that i could get something brings me such joy and excitement. it makes me sad to think that the postal service could drop saturday service.  one less day to check the mail?! no! 

i also love sending mail though i often wonder if i’m wasting money when i drop a birthday card in the mail.  they usually don’t say anything profound and most likely the recipient will throw it in the trash within a week. the image of the envelope and card going right in the trash is one i have to ignore.  (and one that i had to put out of my head again and again when designing our wedding invitations.) but i tell myself that maybe the recipient loves getting mail as much as i do and the opportunity to make someone feel special is worth $5. 

do you have a love of mail like i do?