self and real simple september

i look forward to getting my SELF magazine in the mail each month. on our way to ocean city, i picked up the september issue of real simple, what a treat! both magazine’s were particularly good this month. here’s what i loved or took away from my reading:
  1. great treadmill workout, SELF p. 118
  2. i was inspired by SELF’s women doing good, p. 38-44
  3. getting to the gym can keep my skin clear, SELF p. 59
  4. the key to a happy life is having a road map, SELF p. 155-157 (i love the author’s goal to “stay happily married” and the mini goals that support it “go on date nights twice a month, sit on the couch next to my husband when we watch tv, have as much sex as possible, send flirty texts and sweet email”)
  5. i should get back to my strength training routine as weight lifting gives clarity RS p. 204
  6. 10 new ideas for broccoli, RS p. 236-237
  7. why my paycheck got bigger a few months ago, RS p. 182
  8. frozen shrimp is just as good as “fresh,” RS p. 239
  9. i teared up reading about how people pay tribute to loved ones lost on 9/11, RS p. 206-214
both issues were inspiring and motivating and had things that may help me work through my quarter-life crisis as well as recipe ideas to keep me and my husband healthy and satisfied.
what are your favorite magazines? what things have you learned or taken away from magazines recently?