This video has been playing at my gym recently and I really enjoy it.  It reminds me why I go to the gym and makes me feel empowered.

I hope you’ll be inspired by it…

So fill in the blank and tell me:

I’m stronger than ________. 

My answer: I’m stronger than SAD–Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Jo’s Spin Class

When we got up for the gym this morning, I didn’t really feel like doing my strength-training routine. I figured I would just zonk out on the elliptical but I already did an elliptical workout this week and I thought I might get bored on the elliptical this am.

Then I remembered that there is a spin bike on the main cardio floor at my gym and decided I would make my own spin class.  I love spinning and I love making up my own routine. It’s such a good workout and you can alternate between sitting and standing, increase resistance and slow pace, or decrease resistance and spin, etc.  I usually let my iPod guide my workout and spin to the music.  Of course, this is something you can do on the elliptical or treadmill but for some reason I tend not to do that.

Here’s what I did this morning…

Warm up:

  • Hilary Duff Wake Up (I usually skip this song when it comes on my shuffle but I figured it was a good first song this am.  Good warm up beat and I was trying to wake up.)


Cool down:

I was very happy with my workout.  Then I stretched and rolled my legs the right way. What a difference, thanks Tina!

So tell me:

What do you do when you don’t feel like doing your planned workout? see above. I also tell myself “you can just go and zone out on the elliptical” but when I get to the gym and get my music on, I usually end getting a good sweat going.

My iPod shuffle needs an update.  What songs are you rocking out to at the gym? One song not mentioned above that gets me pumped up is Maroon 5 Moves Like Jagger. 

i lasted 5 minutes

i lasted 5 minutes on the stairmill this morning.  well it was more like 2.5 and i pushed myself to get through 5 before i got off. i’d been kind of eyeing this machine for a little while now, wanting to give it a whirl and when i walked in this morning with a plan to zone out on the elliptical, i thought eh, why not?  holy cow did my butt and legs hurt and my heart was pumping.  which is a good thing.  i do love a good cardio session in the morning–when you can really feel your heart working and get to the point of breathless.  i didn’t love the burn enough to continue for the 20 mins i set originally so i jumped off after 5 mins and moved to the elliptical. i’m glad i challenged myself a little bit this morning.  i now have a new fitness goal: work my way up to 10 mins on the stairmill.

tell me:

is there a machine at the gym that really gets your heart pumping?  is there a machine that is super tough for you?

found: my go-to spin class

before my wedding, i was going to a spin class on wednesday mornings pretty religiously.  it was taught by judy, an energetic, loud, encouraging instructor that played a wide range of good music from country to black-eyed peas to glee. i loved the class and i loved my old gym. there were a bunch of other people that were there always there in the morning and seeing the regulars every week was a comfort, made me feel like the world was still turning as it should.   i stopped going after my wedding. if i’m honest, i think it was because i didn’t want to have to say goodbye when we moved across town. (yes, falling of the face of the earth makes so much more sense.)

now i’m at a different gym and have been trying to get into a groove at this gym for a while.  i found a yoga class that i really enjoy on sundays. the instructor guides us through the class, always encouraging us to focus on our breathing, to be where we are.  she introduces new poses and offers a range of options by saying “for some of us, we’ll be here, for others of us, we’ll go here.” i also found a bodypump class i like on saturday mornings but with weekends so busy, i need a routine during the week.

me after spinning last week

after yesterday’s spin class, i can say definitively that i’ve found it. i’ve found my go-to spin class, the anchor of my workout routine. i went to a thursday am spin class and i can’t articulate it but there was something i wasn’t loving about it.  last week i went to the wednesday morning spin class and loved it.  the instructor played great music (i was totally rocking out to moves like jagger), my heart was pumping and i was sweating up a storm.  but there are two instructors for wednesday morning and they alternate week to week.  so yesterday was the test.

i went and it was awesome! the class was similar in that there was great music (i got pumped up to nicki minaj’s super bass and lady gaga’s edge of glory) but different in that it was taught by a man and the lights were kept on the whole time. i’m used to the being in class with the lights off and i enjoy it.  something about the dark gets me in the zone and i’m in my own little spin world.  and it helps to mask the fact that i kind of dance/sing-along. but yesterday the lights were on and i didn’t understand why.  but the instructor did a lot of team drills where he split us up into teams and we would alternate sprints and the other team would clap and cheer.  of course, i really really enjoyed this.  there is something about making noise and cheering and clapping.  he said “this is why we keep the lights on because we are all one team.” cheesy? perhaps. but there was something inspiring and motivating about it.  i felt a part of something.  a part of something good and encouraging, even if only for a few minutes at a time.

talk to me

  • what’s the anchor to your workout routine?
  • are you a fan of spinning?
  • what makes a spin class awesome for you?




the right side of the bed

i woke up on the right side of the bed this morning.  yes, i woke up in a good mood but i mean i literally woke up on the right side of the bed.  what side is that, you ask?  the side with the alarm clock.  and because i woke up on this side, i went to the gym.

i’ve only been to the gym once since i got back from my honeymoon. and that was for a bodyflow class on a saturday. so i’ve been feeling a little out of control, out of my routine. it’s important that i get to the gym a few days a week and it’s important that i get there in the morning.  this is my time.  time to collect my thoughts before the day starts.  time to de-stress.  i was so happy to be back in my groove. so happy to hear my favorite radio morning show on the drive over.  AND the first song that came on my iPod when i got on the elliptical was glee cast “it’s my life/confessions.” ahh! though i almost started belting the lyrics at the top of my lungs, i didn’t.

but i digress. it’s crazy that something so small, what side of the bed you sleep on, can throw off a whole routine.  and when it comes to fitness (and i guess life in general), you have to set yourself up for success.  who knows what side of the bed i’ll sleep on this weekend.  but next week, definitely the side with the alarm clock.

oh, btw, that wasn’t me in the mcdonald’s drive-thru.  i walked in 😉