are you ready for some football?

after a productive morning with coffee with some chocolate chunk oatmeal cookie bread, reading/writing, cleaning, and the gym (mike) and yoga (me), i am ready for some football.

it’s week 1 of football season and eagles are playing the rams. [note that as i write this the game is on in the background and i say “eagles are playing the…” mike says “st. louis…” i shrug “i don’t know” mike says “rams.” thank you.]

to keep me occupied during this week’s game, i will make note of all the silly things mike screams at the tv during the game.

  • two mins in: “god dammit! that didn’t take long”
  • 10 mins later: “come on baby, come on baby”
[alright this might get too inappropriate…]

football feast week 1: pepperoni calzone and pepperoni/spinach calzone. and yuengling of course.

this was delicious. i started reading for class shortly after eating and was falling asleep on the couch before half time. so far, getting into football is going great. goal for next week:  stay awake for the whole first half.