What’s for Dinner Wednesday: Date Night

Back again with another What’s for Dinner? Wednesday and tonight happened to be date night! We haven’t had date night in quite some time: either since my birthday date or when we went to the Nationals’ game. It’s one of my 2012 resolutions to go on one date night per month so tonight not only did I have a nice dinner with my husband but I also got to check a box on resolutions spreadsheet. Win-win!

Mike’s trying to “get into sushi” and we had a Living Social deal for Sushiko in Chevy Chase (Friendship Heights) that expires at the end of the month so we decided to go to Sushiko for our first date night of the year.

We started with some drinks: a rum and Coke for Mike and a mangotini for me.

Then I had a house salad with ginger dressing to start (which I pretty much inhaled and then had to tell myself to slow down, that I’m not in an eating contest, I’m on a date).

Don’t you love how vibrant and fresh that looks?

Next we ordered two rolls to share: the rock shrimp cilantro and the crunchy spicy salmon.  Mike chose both of these and I was happy to oblige.  Sometimes it feels so good to just trust your partner’s judgement. And it paid off.  Both rolls were delicious. The cilantro in the rock shrimp cilantro roll was so bright and fresh, it was awesome!

We topped off our meal with a soft shell crab roll.

Good meal.  I imagine we’ll be back again soon.

I’m glad we both enjoy sushi now.  Sometimes if we need a quick dinner we’ll stop at Whole Foods and grab some out of their pre-made case. It’s so funny how tastes can change.  If you would’ve told me 3 years ago that I’d like sushi by now I probably would’ve said you’re crazy.

I still kind of struggle while eating it though.  I feel like it’s a lot to put the whole thing in your mouth at once but it’s really poor sushi etiquette to not take it all in one bite.  (I learned that on a Bobby Flay Throwdown I think).  And honestly it just looks bad if you don’t. But I feel like it’s a lot to get down and I start to swallow it before I even get to taste it. Does anyone else have this problem?

I’d love to know:

Are you a sushi fan?  

What did you have for dinner?


date night at the nationals

we had a really nice date at the nationals game last night.  we arrived to a sunny stadium around 4:45.

doesn't he look handsome?

i was not prepared for the sun because it looked like this for past few days in DC.

it was really warm when we got there and i considered getting a t-shirt to change into because i was wearing a thick sweater.  i walked into the team store and realized my allegiance to the philadelphia phillies when i got anxiety at the thought of buying another team’s t-shirt.

i didn’t get a shirt.

i’m sure you’re wondering why we got to the ballpark at 4:45. we had tickets to batting practice and got to go down onto the field to watch the teams warm up.  it was pretty neat but we were totally out of place.  the other people that were down there were dressed to the nines in nationals gear and were whipping out sharpies and baseballs for autographs.  and there mike and i are kinda standing back, wearing normal clothes, probably looking like we’re too cool for school.  though now that i think back on it, there was a group of women hanging around that weren’t geared up either.  and they were wearing heels.  i mean hello.

it wasn’t our team but it was cool nonetheless and we did get to see jayson werth up close so that was exciting for 45 seconds.  i was joking with mike that if it was the phillies he’d be going nuts.  he was yep and so would you: you’d run up to chase and say “chase me utley.” uh, no.  i don’t think so.  that’d probably be mike.  (but after googling him to remember what he looks like, i may retract that statement.)

after batting practice we did a lap around the concourse, got a pretzel, then some beers and stood at a table overlooking the field.

i love that part of the park overlooks the river

after our beers, it was time for some food. shake shack at the ball park, yes please!




we split a burger and cheese fries.  they were sooo good.

we sat at a high top table and just ate and relaxed.  it was really fun.  i’ve never been to a game that early before to hang out and enjoy the park and the weather.

then we went down to our seats for the first few innings.

we went to get a snack at the end of the third inning and after i waited in the shake shack line for 20 mins to get a milkshake, we decided just to head home.  before i got in the shake shack line, mike got this:

yeah, i know.

on our way out of the park, mike stopped to hit a home run.

september date night number 1: complete.

define date

since i have “go on two dates” as one of my august goals, i’d been thinking about the definition of “date.” 

and ironically, this topic came up at work today (though i didn’t bring it up) and my co-workers and i got in a heated philosophical discussion about the definition of a date.  questions posed included: what is a date?  when does a date occur?  who goes on a date?  what’s the difference between a date and just spending time together? can you go on a date when you’re married?  how does “dating” fit into this whole thing? is going to ikea on a saturday a date?

{our favorite wine bar in DC and one of our favorite dates nights: sonoma}

my answer is simple: a date is a pre-planned activity or event with a significant other. i think the advance planning is the key here. part of what makes dates so great is the build-up, the anticipation and excitement over a special activity/meal/event. 

beyond that, i think a date can be anything if both parties are looking forward to it.  and i’d like to add that dates do not include errands or obligations.  there shouldn’t be a “to-do” to check off during a date.

we kind of talked ourselves in circles until we decided this was all just semantics.  but, i’m curious.  what do you think?  what does “date” mean to you and your significant other?  what’s your simple definition and what qualifiers do you add onto it?