walking her down the aisle

father daughter things always get me.  the folgers commercial, the subaru commercial, when ariel leaves her dad at the end of “the little mermaid” and says “i love you, daddy” and then the music swells.  yep, all of that brings me to tears.  so it’s no surprise that this scene had me in tears on the metro.

it was a few weeks after we got engaged and i was on the elevator with a man and his daughter.  she couldn’t have been more than a year and a half.  she said “sing it daddy” and he said “no, you sing it” and they went back and forth a few times before she started singing the song from sesame street and her father laughed with joy and surprise “i didn’t know you knew the song.”

of course, tears are welling up in my eyes as i watch this as they still do now as recall this scene over a year later.  i wanted to say to him “enjoy this time.  before you know it, she’ll be my age and you’ll be walking her down the aisle.”

walking her down the aisle