our first pizza!

i love pizza.  like love.  it’s definitely one of my favorite foods. i used to think it was really stupid and unoriginal when kids in middle school said pizza was their favorite food.  i mean really? everyone’s favorite food is pizza, it’s hardly even a meal people.  pick something like chicken or meatloaf for crying out loud.  but now that i’m older and wiser and have had many different pizzas—greasy takeout pizza that you fold in half and the oil drips down your fingers, fast food pizza like domino’s or pizza hut, fancy pizzas, frozen pizzas, dessert pizzas—i can say that pizza is in my top 5 favorite foods.  it may even be my answer to the question “if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?” even though i hate that question. yep, i just love pizza. 

today, my pizza world expanded just a little bit.  or maybe significantly.  probably significantly.  because today, we made our first homemade pizza with our new pizza stone.


we made the dough and everything. it was super easy and delicious!  the only tricky part was transferring the pizza from the cutting board we prepped it on to the pizza stone. we made two different pizzas: margherita and white with turkey sausage and peppers. 

they were really really good. especially the margherita which you wouldn’t think would be so great because it’s so simple.  but it’s probably the simplicity and the way the flavors of the buttery fresh mozzarella, sweet tomatoes, basil and garlic go together that make it so tasty.

i’m thinking pizza making is going to become a regular thing in our apartment.  maybe a sunday afternoon/dinner thing.  it was so fun, easy, tasty and filling.  i’m excited to try out some new variations.  our next one will be a toss up between meatball and trying to recreate the fresh fruit pizza from matchbox.

oh, and with these pizzas i accomplished one of my august goals. making a big weekend lunch from scratch, feeding people i love (amanda was here), sharing a delicious meal with friends, pizza, red wine, and completing a goal.  does it get much better?