know a good mechanic?

this is our car. doesn’t it look so nice?  in the last month we’ve spent a decent amount of money on our car:

  • $300 to get it registered in DC after 3 years in the city (that included excise tax and changing my license to DC)
  • $75 for to replace the front passenger side hub cap that’s been missing for 4 years
  • $100 to get the front license plate mount for the front of car required in DC
  • $44 to get mike a dc license.

and then over the weekend, the check engine light came on and it was overheating. [mike’s edit to this post: “i think you’re understating what happened. the car was severely overheating and the engine began to shut down as a result.  i literally rolled into the golf course parking lot.”] so anyway, mike took it to the vw dealer today. he texted me and said it would be $110 just for them to look at it.  ”$110?! what?!” i thought at the time.  and then mike called me in the afternoon with an update:

  • water pump needs to be replaced
  • radiator fan is broken
  • temperature sensor is broken
  • code to turn check engine light off
  • strongly recommend timing belt be replaced because it’s near the water pump and the car has over 100,000 miles
  • total cost to fix: $2,700!!!! 

i. was. speechless. i could barely remember what mike had said the problems were because i was so shell-shocked from the price. i’m pretty sure our car is only worth like $2,100. 

and we were just feeling back to normal, that after weeks of transition we were finally feeling settled. 

so, needless to say, we. are. stressed.

what will we do?  mike says “seeking a second opinion. not optimistic.  stay tuned.”