book review: the best advice i ever got

katie couric’s the best advice i ever got: lessons from extraordinary lives is full of vignettes by successful people from all walks of life describing advice they were given or advice they’d give based on lessons they learned along the way.  there are words of wisdom from ellen degeneres, matt lauer, jay leno, jimmy carter, tyra banks, the ceo of twitter, the ceo of google, and morgan freeman to name a few.

the book is organized into ten different sections: “on courage and self-confidence,” “on hard work and tenacity,” “on pluck and perseverance,” “on passion and dreams,” “on doing what’s right,” “on rejection and resilience,” “on mentors and encouragement,” “on commitment and contribution,” “on taking risks and seeking opportunity,” “on wisdom and happiness.”

this is definitely a book i want to own.  i can see myself picking it up off my bookshelf when i need encouragement, inspiration, or just a good read on the bus.  there were parts that struck me as relevant to the place i’m at now and i’m sure others will resonate later.

if katie couric asked you, “what’s the best advice you ever got,” what would you say??