welcome to my blog!  i’m so glad you’re here.

i started things after the rings in an effort to live in the moment in my new married life, to remember this time, to explore different emotions i felt after my wedding, and to share stories and lessons learned.

we read so much about weddings, wedding planning, honeymoons, and everything that goes into each decision and detail.  but that’s where it ends.  we don’t really hear about what comes next, the happiness and love between a newlywed couple and the changes, both logistical and emotional, that happen after a wedding. because the wedding is not the fairy tale ending it’s portrayed to be.  it’s only just the beginning.

things after the rings will highlight my new married life–issues that arise, funny stories, ways we work together, just what we’re up to. and because i’m still very much me in my marriage, things after the rings will be a lot about me: my thoughts on life, what I’m doing, thinking, feeling, loving, how i’m finding my way and figure out what i want my life to be.  i hope to share a little bit of my experience here in hopes that it provides inspiration or a laugh.

so here’s a little about me:

i’m a hopeless romantic and eternal optimist.  i’m a complete sap and tear up pretty regularly.  i’m also a very emotional person and feel things, especially life changes, very deeply. i love to cook, read, learn, and write. i love to spend time with family and friends. i love inspiring self-help books, motivational quotes, etc.  i enjoy being active and healthy.



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