February focus

January went out with a bang!

The last few days of January I…

–chose 100 items to get rid of in support of my January focus, made a box to go to Goodwill, the DC Library, a piles to trash, and to freecycle,

–sent packages to two of my sisters including some things I wanted to get rid of that I thought they could use,

–successfully made cake balls (after a failed first attempt),

–did our taxes (including doing our DC taxes BY HAND to figure out a discrepancy and get us money back–oh yeah!),

–made some extra money babysitting and put the money toward my credit card, and

–started making some moves towards my business–reading/researching/brainstorming with others.

I’m feeling that our household is organized and while I work to keep it that way (and continue to stick to my resolutions) through February, I have a new focus for this month.

My focus for February is…my blog!  I’m excited to put some serious energy into Things After the Rings this month.

I’m working with Julie of Savvy Eats to give Things After the Rings a fresh look. So stay tuned for that!

I’ll be doing my first giveaways–yay for free stuff!

And I hope to post a little bit more often.  I have a huge list of post ideas and I’m going to make a concerted effort to stop thinking about them and start writing/posting them!

I’m looking forward to a good month!

I’d love to know:

How did your January end? What’s your focus for February?



2 responses

  1. My focus for February is moderation, which I think is going really well so far. I’m trying to carry it out in every part of my life – school, fitness, diet, socializing, etc. Last night I went out with school friends, stopped after a few drinks and went home around 10:30. I found out this morning that people were out until 1:30am, and while I’m glad they all had fun, I am SO glad I left when I did in practicing my “mantra” of moderation. Thanks for sharing your focus for the month! I think it’s great to do this on a monthly basis to have something to keep you going when you hit a wall during the week. Can’t wait to hear more about your blog progress!!

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