Christmas song debate

Last night Mike and I were discussing Christmas songs with his dad, specifically songs we dislike. One song I  shared was “Last Christmas,”  saying that it’s not even a Christmas song.  And an argument began.

Me: “Last Christmas” isn’t even a Christmas song.  Just because it has the word Christmas in it doesn’t mean it’s a Christmas song.  It’s a breakup song set around Christmas.

Mike: It is too a Christmas song. If your argument is that simply being set around Christmas doesn’t make it a Christmas song then there are countless other songs and movies that would also not be Christmas songs or movies.

Me: You could replace the word Christmas with Thanksgiving or any other day. Like Labor Day. And it would be the same exact song.  It’s not a Christmas song.

Mike: Well then you could make it “Have Yourself a Merry Little Thanksgiving” and it wouldn’t be a Christmas song but that is a classic Christmas song.

Me: That’s because it’s actually about Christmas. “Have yourself a merry little Christmas make the yuletide gay, from now on our troubles will be miles away…”  [ok, as I type this and look up the lyrics I realize that this could be an any holiday song…doh!…]

Mike: It’s a Christmas song because it takes place around Christmas.  Like Christmas Vacation is a Christmas movie because it’s about a family get-together around Christmas. If it was a family get-together around Thanksgiving or Fourth of July it wouldn’t be a Christmas movie.

Me: Christmas Vacation is a Christmas movie because it’s about Christmas and the craziness of families at the holidays.  Of course it wouldn’t be a Christmas movie if it was about another holiday.

[I realize this is getting long so I’ll cut to the point I had that made me win]

Mike: Like, I’ll Be Home for Christmas wouldn’t be a Christmas song if it was I’ll be home for Thanksgiving.

Me: Uh, no.  That song talks about Christmas. “I’ll be home for Christmas, you can count on me. Please have snow, and mistletoe, and presents under the tree.” Christmas song.

Mike: Bad example.

After re-playing this whole thing this morning for this post, I realize that we’re really tied since “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” has no other mention of Christmas than the first lyric.  But this was super fun and funny at the time, because it was a pretty heated debate and we don’t have those often. And probably because I thought I was 100% right.

I’d love to know:

What Christmas songs do you hate?  

Thoughts on the song “Last Christmas?”

Any “Christmas” songs that shouldn’t be deemed such?


2 responses

  1. I personally love “Last Christmas” but you’re right… it could be last new year’s or last birthday. Maybe it’s the jingle bells in the back that make it “Christmas”.

    The PERFECT Christmas song is “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” as every line pertains to the festivities.

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