We need a little Christmas

This is our only Christmas decoration so far:

Well that and a string of pre-lit garland that only covers half of our window sill.

We need a little Christmas in the Platt household.

Mike absolutely loves Christmas and everything about the Christmas season.  He has a strict rule about Christmas music: no Christmas tunes until the day after Thanksgiving. But come Black Friday, it’s all Christmas music all the time. He’ll even make a Christmas CD for our drive back from PA. But this year, we haven’t had much Christmas.  It doesn’t feel like the most wonderful time of the year.

So why doesn’t it feel like Christmas?

Our world kind of turned upside down last week when we found out we have bed bugs.  Much more on that tomorrow but it felt like we just took a break from our real life while we dealt with the bugs.

So after our favorite Saturday morning activities we’re going to spend today taking in the season. Mike’s going to put up the tree this morning. We’re going to go to the mall to take in the hustle and bustle.  We’ll go see the National Christmas Tree.  And then we’ll bake gingerbread men while listening to Christmas music and drinking wine.  We’ll cap off the night with part of a Christmas movie.

I’d love to know:

Does it feel like Christmas-time to you? 

What do you do to get in the Christmas mood?



One response

  1. I was just thinking this today too.. I’m not sure what it is about this year though. Probably the fact that my apartment isn’t decorated either and last year my roommates went all out.

    Post a picture of your tree when it’s done!

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