The Little Things: Fun in Florida

Just got back from visiting my sister Melissa in Florida. I loved the palm trees, the sunshine, the warm breeze, and being by the water.  I also loved the quality time with two of my sisters, their significant others, and Mike.

Inspired by Julie’s 50 Days of the Little Things, I’ve been thinking about simple things that make me smile for a while now.  Here’s the list of things the little things that made me happy this weekend:

  • painted nails
  • my husband’s sense of humor
  • long conversations with my sisters
  • mini-blueberry muffins with crumb topping
  • cuddling with the dogs
  • Newsies (did you hear it’s on Broadway now?!)
  • my SELF magazine subscription and how it always arrives just in time for my travels
  • holding hands
  • fresh orange juice
  • walking and talking with Melissa’s girlfriend
  • an afternoon nap

I’d love to know:

What little things made your weekend?

4 responses

  1. 1. A phone call with my best friend
    2. Holiday decorations in NYC – especially the smell of pine trees where Xmas trees are for sale on the corner
    3. Cuddling with Jess and Tyler on Sunday
    4. Dinner with friends – yummy tapas!
    5. Holiday shopping with Ben

  2. 1. Making your list
    2. The formation of the Not-rellis
    3. Playing 9 holes after my two or three year absence from anything golf
    4. Catching up with you!
    5. Not Newsies (sorry)
    6. Omelets with extra bacon, sausage, onions and cheese
    7. The false sense that the outdoor furniture scramble is over
    8. My brother coming to dinner
    9. Winning.

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