Thoughts on gifts

It’s Cyber Monday, one of the biggest online shopping days of the year.  Since a lot of people will be buying gifts today, I thought I’d write about gifts today. First up, my thoughts on gifts.


I like getting gifts.  Who’s going to say they don’t like presents? I mean really. But, do I love getting gifts? Probably not.  This isn’t surprising given that receiving gifts was my lowest love language. Rarely do I remember Christmas or birthday gifts.  But I do remember feeling extremely guilty when I don’t like a gift.  Especially when the giver is so excited about it.

How do I feel about giving gifts? I absolutely love it–when I have a great idea. One that’s thoughtful and I know will make the recipient’s day.  Otherwise, forget it. I hate giving gifts for the sake of giving a gift.  Because you’re supposed to. I especially don’t like when gift giving is transactional.  You tell me what you want and I’ll buy it and I’ll tell you what I want and you buy it.  What’s the point? I don’t enjoy buying a gift for the sake of buying a gift. It actually stresses me out.

I’d love to know:

How do you feel about giving/receiving gifts?

Check back at 1pm for best and worst gifts of our relationship.

2 responses

  1. Yeah, I’m pretty much in the same boat. I’m such a terrible gift giver, and to make matters worse, I tend to see most gift-giving events as contrived, which in turn feeds my cynicism and makes me an even worse gift-giver. My fiance repeatedly tells stories of all of my awful gifts for her. But I know she likes getting them, so I’ll keep trying. Sometimes I get it right, but not often.

    And yeah, this Christmas, I am broke and still needing obligatory gifts. In other words, it’s going to blow.

    • Gifts should be meaningful and an expression of love or appreciation not something we “have” to do.
      I like that you’re going to keep trying and I’m sure your fiance appreciates the effort too. Check back this afternoon for my gift guide, maybe it will help!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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