Birthday Date

Since my birthday always falls during the weekend of Thanksgiving, Mike and I usually celebrate the weekend before.  Sometime two weeks ago, Mike made a reservation at Graffiato, Top Chef’s Mike Isabella’s new restaurant. He forwarded the confirmation email to me with a note “Happy Birthday. Love, Mike.” What a nice surprise in the middle of the work day.

Friday night was my birthday date.  We had drinks with my sister Chrissy at Iron Horse Tap Room before heading to our 7:30 reservation at Graffiato. We got there a bit early and were seated pretty quickly.

We started with the flat bread and pepperoni sauce.  Oh man, was that good.  I wonder if I could make that at home? Then in a few different rounds we had the burrata (creamy mozzarella cheese), broccolini, scallops, gnocchi, and Jersey Shore pizza (pizza with calamari and a spicy sauce).  We finished with the zeppole, my other favorite dish.

Taking photos of every dish really stops the flow of the meal and the conversation, especially when it’s small plates. I really wanted to be present during our date so I decided before the meal that I wouldn’t take pictures of every dish we ordered.  And I’m so glad I did. We were chatting the whole time, really enjoying each other’s company.  It’s amazing how little you can talk to someone you live with and see every day.  It’s nice when we can go out and give each other our full attention.

I had a really nice time and in the cab on the way home was so content, so grateful to Mike for planning a nice night. And for budgeting for a cab too!

Wondering what he got me?

These sweet notecards with my new monogram!

Thanks for a great birthday date, Mike!


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