So many, so little

Last night I had dinner with my sister Chrissy.  She’s in DC for the semester–I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to mention it on the blog.  I’m so excited to have her here.

After dinner we walked around Dupont Circle a little bit and went into one of my favorite bookstores, Kramerbooks.  Perusing the shelves and seeing book after book after book that looked interesting to me, I thought “So many books, so little time.” 

And as Chrissy and were walking, saying that Thanksgiving is in two weeks, and the semester is almost over I thought “So many things I want to do with her, so little time.”

Then in the middle of the night I thought “we should go visit our friends in Charlottesville” followed by So many friends, so few weekends.”

And it got me thinking that I think phrases like this pretty regularly.  Like “So many recipes, so little time, so few meals” or “So much to save for, so little money.” I don’t love that last example because it sounds so pessimistic but you get the idea.

I thought we could have some fun with this.  So, fill in the blanks:

“So many ________, so little ________”

One response

  1. So many children, so little visits. Let me clarify: they are all grown and either in different states or going to college………………they grow up so fast. Cherish every moment you have with them when they are still home. The time flies by faster than you can ever imagine.

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