Hey November

Wow, it’s November!  Where has 2011 gone?

October was great and I’m looking forward to an even better November.  It’s going to be great for a few reasons: 1) we have no weekend plans this month (aside from Thanksgiving weekend) so we’ll be able to enjoy some quality time in DC and 2) we’re going home for Thanksgiving so we’ll get to see family and friends we love and miss so much.

November is also my birthday month so this month I will give myself

  • 3 workouts per week
  • 1 fruit and 1 vegetable per day
  • 2 fifteen minute walks per day (if it’s sunny)
  • 1 yoga class per week
  • 20 minutes to write every day
  • time to try 6 new recipes.
Yes, these are goals but meeting each of these goals is a gift to myself.  They’re all things that will give me energy and help ease anxiety.
I did buy myself an early birthday present when I was in Chicago.  I splurged on these great yoga pants from Gap Body. I’ve worn them the last two nights after work and they. are. awesome.  Now I want the fitted capri version to wear to the gym.
So tell me:
What are you looking forward to in November?  What gifts will you give yourself this month?

3 responses

  1. I’m reading a book that really reminds me of your blog and endeavors to better yourself. Have you read “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin? I have found it parallel a lot of the items you bring up like wellness, how we treat others and what really makes us happy. It’s a light and easy read, I just wanted to pass along the recommendation!

    • I LOVE The Happiness Project. I read it a year and a half ago or so and really enjoyed it. I’ve actually been thinking about buying it in paperback to have on my shelf. It’s a book I could pick up every once in a while and read a random chapter as a pick-me-up.

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