Happy Birthday, Boo!

This is my youngest sister Becca.

Our dad would sit her on his lap and lift her up in the air saying Becca. Boo! It didn’t take long for her to become Becca-boo, then Boo, and sometimes even Booey. We all call her this and so frequently that some of my high school friends called her that too.

I have a vivid memory of standing back by the washer, bundling her up to go play in the snow.  She had an emerald green jacket, magenta mittens on a string, and a purple hat under her hood. She was so happy and excited to go out in the snow and she was bundled up tight.  So tight that she looked like a marshmallow and could hardly walk. This is one of the most precious moments from my childhood. Just typing this makes me misty. I will always think of her as a sweet innocent little girl with a big smile.

Now Becca-boo is in college.  COLLEGE.  She’s studying math and physics.

But she’s always been smart: when we were younger she spilled my bottle of perfume and filled it up with water so I wouldn’t know (she was probably 6). I couldn’t even be mad when I found out because I thought it was genius.

And she’s an RA.

But she’s always been chatty:  when we shared a room growing up, I used to have to sing “my favorite things” from The Sound of Music so that she would fall asleep.

And she’s a good listener and gives good advice: once I got in a fight with Mike and said I didn’t want to tell my mom to which Becca responded “yeah, I read somewhere that you shouldn’t tell your mom about fights with your boyfriend because though you can get out your frustration in the bedroom, she never will.”  Haha. So true but also so funny coming from the little girl in the emerald coat.

And she’s 19 today!

Though I wanted her to be 5 years old forever, she keeps having birthdays. But instead of protesting her growing up, I’ll just admire her for the beautiful, strong, caring woman she’s grown to be and wish her a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Boo! I love you!

PS–Check your mail for a belated b-day gift at the end of the week!

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