i lasted 5 minutes

i lasted 5 minutes on the stairmill this morning.  well it was more like 2.5 and i pushed myself to get through 5 before i got off. i’d been kind of eyeing this machine for a little while now, wanting to give it a whirl and when i walked in this morning with a plan to zone out on the elliptical, i thought eh, why not?  holy cow did my butt and legs hurt and my heart was pumping.  which is a good thing.  i do love a good cardio session in the morning–when you can really feel your heart working and get to the point of breathless.  i didn’t love the burn enough to continue for the 20 mins i set originally so i jumped off after 5 mins and moved to the elliptical. i’m glad i challenged myself a little bit this morning.  i now have a new fitness goal: work my way up to 10 mins on the stairmill.

tell me:

is there a machine at the gym that really gets your heart pumping?  is there a machine that is super tough for you?

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