work talk wednesday: good job!

have you had a chance to think about how your work and identity effect each other since last week? if so, share your experience in the comments!

today’s edition of work talk wednesday is about recognition.


today’s topic came to mind after mike was recognized in a staff meeting yesterday. [thanks for the idea, mike! and good job!]

recognition is important in the workplace. recognition can be about big successes–an event running smoothly, or surpassing sales goals–or smaller ones–handling an irate customer with grace, or completing a project ahead of a deadline. it can take many forms: praise in a meeting or a group email, a raise or promotion, an additional day off, a bonus, an office, lunch out, or even a high-five. it makes the employee feel valued and appreciated, and lets them know that their hard work isn’t going unnoticed.  it can also help to rejuvenate an employee or to make them feel like a part of the team. and recognition doesn’t only have to come from managers or those higher up (of course it’s nice when it does), it can also come from teammates, other colleagues, client, etc. no matter what it’s for or how it’s done, recognition feels good. employers should make an effort to have rewards and recognition in place but as employees, we should go out of our way to recognize our colleagues for a job well done.

so tell me:

when was the last time you were recognized at work?  how were you recognized?

let’s do it:

sometime in the next week, recognize someone you work with.  it can be a teammate, a direct report, a colleague, an intern, or even your manager.  (if you need help on how to do this, let me know.)

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