i want my mom

i fell asleep on the couch earlier and woke up thinking about my mom. now i’m just a crying mess thinking about how i miss her.  does anyone else daydream about sitting on the couch next to their mom and putting their head on her shoulder?  i just want to give her a hug, fall into her arms like a big baby, and have her tell me that i’m ok.

granted, i’m sure she’ll be a pain in my butt within the first 5 mins of seeing her next when she tells me that i should try a “normal comforter” next time instead of a duvet or asks if she can “make a suggestion” about the way my kitchen is arranged. it seems like she bothers me a lot when we’re together or on the phone though thankfully this has lessened since my wedding. this irritation has got to be a defense mechanism. like how before you go to away to college you start to think home is the worst place ever and can’t wait to get out and it makes the transition less hard. like if she’s a complete pain in the you-know-what, i won’t think about how much i miss her. it has to be. because i miss her. so much.

oh, by the way, it was her birthday this week.  send belated happy birthday thoughts her way!

do you miss your mom? if so, or if not, call her and tell her you love her. she’ll be glad to hear from you.

and now that i have a headache from sobbing like a baby and it’s way past my bedtime, i should go to bed.


One response

  1. I miss you just as much as you miss me. I wish you were closer, so that when we are together, I wouldn’t annoy you so much. lol
    You have grown into such a beautiful, caring, competent young woman and I could not be prouder of you. I remember your project, “who am I?” We wrote it together: sister, daughter, cousin, granddaughter, flutist, employee…………………Who am I? I am Joanna. Love you!!!

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