waiting for daylight savings

this time of the year is really challenging for me.  my energy levels are low and motivation to do things is minimal. my attention span is super short and i have a hard time concentrating. (honestly, i’m pushing myself to get this post written.) all i want to do is get in bed and stay there and i’m kind of down overall.

it’s because the sun comes out so late in the morning.  i’m usually a morning person and wake up when it gets to be a certain lightness out/somewhere around 5:30. for spring and summer these times are very close to each other and i’m high functioning, happy, and energetic. but from now until daylight savings on november 6 that’s a lot later than usual and i struggle to feel like me. it will be better for a few weeks after daylight savings but by january it will be difficult again.  this experience is not uncommon.  in fact, it’s called seasonal affective disorder–funny that the abbreviation is s.a.d.

i’m going to have to work extra hard to take care of myself and manage my mood during this time.  for me that means making a concerted effort to get to the gym (difficult because i’m a morning gym person but am having trouble getting up), cooking and eating foods that will give me energy, and spending time with friends. hopefully doing these things will help. if not, i may need to find a plan b.

talk to me

do you feel tired, unmotivated or depressed at certain times of the year?  what helps you feel like yourself again? 

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