hannah’s wedding weekend

i was in new york last weekend for hannah‘s bachelorette party and wedding. it was a friend-filled weekend, one of my favorite kinds.

friday night was hannah’s bachelorette party.

after meeting up at her apartment for a pre-dinner drink, we went to la lucha on the lower east side.

dinner was delicious–their guac was spicy but so good, and the three tacos i had for dinner melted in my mouth.

afterward we went to a lounge for drinks and dancing.  overall, it was a pretty tame night.  understandably since her wedding was two days later with a rehearsal dinner in between.  this party was totally my speed.

hannah’s wedding was great.  i’ve never seen her more happy.

unfortunately i don’t have a ton of pictures.  i didn’t take that many and the ones that i did take didn’t turn out great. [note for next time: take more pictures.]

hannah and david were married on the terrace at the boathouse at prospect park in brooklyn, new york. it was a beautiful venue with both an indoor and outdoor component and boat rides!

{onlookers watching/listening to the ceremony from a nearby bridge}

i had a great time dancing the night away with these girls and loved that i was able to spend some time with their significant others too.

it was a weekend that reminded me what life is all about: friends, family, and love.

ps–i didn’t forget about work talk wednesday.  i have a great post in the works.  stay tuned for next week’s work talk wednesday post. and if you missed one, catch up: back from vacation, in the zone, perks at work.

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