brag about your boyfriend

i have two guy friends that don’t talk about their girlfriends/wives/fiancees the way they should.  no, they don’t brag about how wonderful they are, how much they do for them, how excited they are to spend time with them. instead they make sarcastic comments about something they forgot to do or a mess that they made or that they should “get in the kitchen.” not that i think mike goes around gushing about me or anything but i’d like to think that when he mentions me it’s in a positive way.

now that i think about it, my girlfriends don’t go around gushing about their men, telling me why they think their boyfriend/husband/fiance is so great.  but why not? yes i understand that we may not want to boast about the man we love as it may make people around us feel uncomfortable, but every once in a while it doesn’t hurt to share a little.

so, let’s hear it for the boys! what makes your significant other so great?? go ‘head, brag a little.  (and then maybe tell him that you were bragging 🙂

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