work talk wednesday: perks at work

it’s wednesday again and we’re talking about work.  or, i’m talking about work. [but you do have the opportunity to chime in through the comment section below.] so far we’ve talked about coming back from vacation and productivity.  today’s topic is perks at work.

perks at work.  there are perks that come with every job, some big and some smaller.  they can make your life a bit easier or just a little more fun.  here are some examples:

small perks

  • coffee provided
  • plastic silverware provided
  • casual fridays
  • getting out early before a holiday weekend

bigger perks

  • your own office (mike’s thought, and at first i didn’t think this was a perk but the more i think about it the more i realize how right he is.)
  • tuition benefits/reimbursement
  • free meals
  • manicure mondays. tina works for a PR company in NYC and they have manicure mondays every third monday.  how sweet is that?!
  • flex schedule
  • work from home
  • laundry service
  • condensed work schedule–work more M-R and get out early on friday or have fridays off, every other friday off
  • transportation benefits
  • discounts
  • meeting celebrities or otherwise famous people
talk to me [i.e. write in the comments below]: what perks come with your job? how motivated are you by perks?  would you take a job or stay at a job because of a particular perk? if you could have any perk at your job right now, what would it be?
if i could choose a perk for my job this week it would be an afternoon massage (i’ve been holding a lot of tension in my shoulders), someone to organize my space (my desk is crazy messy right now).

2 responses

  1. I ❤ PERKS! I think they are influential in my overall opinion of my workplace and play a large role in office culture. Beyond Mani Mondays, we have Summer Fridays (workday ends at 3PM between Memorial Day and Labor Day), the week off between Christmas and New Year's Day, and we get off on our birthdays in addition to our 22 other days of PTO. That's enough to keep me happy!

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