3 random things

  1. i’m super pumped for the grand opening of shophouse, chipotle’s new asian-inspired restaurant, tomorrow. you know i’ll be there!


2.  remember this song??

my 12-year-old tutoring student was singing a backstreet boys song during our session today. when i asked her if she knew this song, she hadn’t heard of it.  i pulled it up on my phone and oh boy, did it bring back memories…

3. i think i found a new spin class! and i had an ah-ha moment during class this morning…of course my adrenaline started pumping when the instructor played the new maroon 5 song and i may or may not have been singing along when i realized what the chorus means: “take me by the tongue and i’ll know, kiss me ’til you’re drunk and i’ll show you all the moves like jagger…” tongue, jagger, moves, it’s too much.  i was a little bit disturbed after this but i love love love the song.  and i was definitely breathless after an intense climb!

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