date night at the nationals

we had a really nice date at the nationals game last night.  we arrived to a sunny stadium around 4:45.

doesn't he look handsome?

i was not prepared for the sun because it looked like this for past few days in DC.

it was really warm when we got there and i considered getting a t-shirt to change into because i was wearing a thick sweater.  i walked into the team store and realized my allegiance to the philadelphia phillies when i got anxiety at the thought of buying another team’s t-shirt.

i didn’t get a shirt.

i’m sure you’re wondering why we got to the ballpark at 4:45. we had tickets to batting practice and got to go down onto the field to watch the teams warm up.  it was pretty neat but we were totally out of place.  the other people that were down there were dressed to the nines in nationals gear and were whipping out sharpies and baseballs for autographs.  and there mike and i are kinda standing back, wearing normal clothes, probably looking like we’re too cool for school.  though now that i think back on it, there was a group of women hanging around that weren’t geared up either.  and they were wearing heels.  i mean hello.

it wasn’t our team but it was cool nonetheless and we did get to see jayson werth up close so that was exciting for 45 seconds.  i was joking with mike that if it was the phillies he’d be going nuts.  he was yep and so would you: you’d run up to chase and say “chase me utley.” uh, no.  i don’t think so.  that’d probably be mike.  (but after googling him to remember what he looks like, i may retract that statement.)

after batting practice we did a lap around the concourse, got a pretzel, then some beers and stood at a table overlooking the field.

i love that part of the park overlooks the river

after our beers, it was time for some food. shake shack at the ball park, yes please!




we split a burger and cheese fries.  they were sooo good.

we sat at a high top table and just ate and relaxed.  it was really fun.  i’ve never been to a game that early before to hang out and enjoy the park and the weather.

then we went down to our seats for the first few innings.

we went to get a snack at the end of the third inning and after i waited in the shake shack line for 20 mins to get a milkshake, we decided just to head home.  before i got in the shake shack line, mike got this:

yeah, i know.

on our way out of the park, mike stopped to hit a home run.

september date night number 1: complete.

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