i should be but i’m not

lately i’ve noticed there a couple things that many people enjoy that i just don’t really care about.  i understand why others like these things and so i feel like i should too but i’m just not there.

things i feel like i should be but i’m just not:

  • a dog person–mike absolutely loves dogs.  and a lot of people i know really really love dogs.  there are some people that want to run up and pet every dog that walks by them.  that’s not me.  yes, i think dogs are cute and there are some that are especially cute (see Jessica’s blog) but they are also kind of dirty and germy.  i don’t really want to cuddle up with one. i’m sure mike and i will get a dog some day (when we have a yard for it) and i will love it and there will be ground rules.  i know that dogs are a man’s best friend, and they are fun to play with, and good to cuddle up with on a rainy day, but i’m not a huge dog person.











  • a movie person–i’ve never been a movie person.  maybe because growing up my house was so loud that it was impossible to sit through a movie, maybe because my attention span is 45 mins. i pretty much fall asleep within 25 mins of watching a movie so our barometer for how good a movie is whether i can stay awake or not.  mike and his brother could have an entire conversation in movie quotes which to their credit is pretty wild and cool but is also extremely irritating. i do not have this skill.  there are movies that i may or may not have seen all the way through and i just can’t remember.  like dirty dancing.  i’ve definitely seen the end and a decent part of the middle so i feel there’s a good chance that i’ve seen the whole thing but who knows?  and i feel like i should like movies because a lot of my friends love movies and have seen a million movies and there are many cultural references/jokes that i’m missing out on because i haven’t seen certain movies.  just today my co-workers were joking that a webinar we were listening to was like “best in show.” i’m working on this one and getting much better. i know that movies can provide an escape, can be an emotional outlet, and are just good entertainment, but for now i’m just not a movie person.
talk to me.  are there things you feel you should be but that you’re just not?

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