how do you cook?

i have a theory: the way you cook parallels the way you live your life.

for example: mike and i always follow recipes.  in life, we play by the rules.  we’re not big risk-takers.

mike likes to get everything prepped and ready to go before he begins cooking.  he cleans up as he goes and likes to do the dishes as soon as the meal is finished.  in life, mike likes to explore all the options before he begins. he makes sure that everything is set before he makes a big decision. in school he would work on papers little by little, never waiting to the last minute or pulling an all-nighter.

when i cook, things tend to get a little messy as i jump right in and figure it out as i go.  lately, i’ve been much better about reading through the recipe and collecting the ingredients up front but my natural way is to do everything as i go.  in life, i have a general plan or place i’m working toward but i tend to have a lot of things going at once and i figure it out as i go. when it comes to cleaning up after a meal, i like to relax for a bit after the meal and take a break before i tackle the dishes.  in life, i’ll have an experience and need some time before i’m able to process it and move past it.

so what do you think?  how do you cook?  does the way you cook parallel your life?

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