hello september

september still reminds me of school days.  of waiting for the bus on a chilly morning, football games on brisk nights, after-school snacks, new teachers and classes, and the excitement of a new year.  i’m hoping to take those feelings into this month as i look to my september goals.


  • go on two dates (i think this may be a monthly goal.)
  • keep detailed record of my spending
  • start prep for GRE/GMAT by looking up words in my list of words i don’t know
  • write and publish things after the rings about page
miscellaneous these are more to-do’s than goals but whatev.
  • choose photos for wedding album and place order
  • post favorite wedding photos on facebook
  • go shopping three times  (i’m going to be screwed when fall comes and i have two pairs of pants.  this is to support a larger goal of developing a wardrobe.)


  • what memories or feelings does september bring to you?
  • what are your goals for september?

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