bye bye august

and so the summer comes to a close.  the sun’s setting at about 7:30 now which seems so early at this point but in a few months will feel so late.  school is back in session at most places and the hurricane has brought the temperature and humidity down quite a bit so it’s starting to feel a bit like fall in the morning.  as august ends today, it’s time to re-visit my august goals.

here’s how i did:


  • set meeting with trainer.  this one i didn’t get to.  i even thought that all i had to do was schedule the meeting and it could be in september, but i just didn’t do it.  maybe this will show up on next month’s list.  not sure though because tina and julie share some great workouts that i want to try.  however, if i do decide to schedule a meeting, i know who i’d want to meet with.  that’s progress, right?
  • find a new gym routine.  i definitely made some progress on this since the last check-in.  i’ve been to the gym a few times since and am getting more comfortable with the new gym.  i found a yoga class that i like on sundays, a spin class on thursdays, and i’ve done a cardio workout on two tuesdays.  but not sure i can say it’s a routine just yet.
  • get new sneakers. at least one fitness goal i can cross off the list.  what do you think?

  • set weekly chore calendar.  ha!  this was an ambitious goal.  clearly i’m not that motivated. though i will say i’ve done a bit of home maintence.  i dusted our bedroom but then this morning i noticed the dust just piling right back up.  i cleaned the bathroom once or twice (ok, maybe once and a half). note to self: buy toilet brush. and i organized half of our linen closet.  baby steps.
  • sell, donate, toss items we’ve set aside.  progress has been made here.  our pile is significantly less than it was at the beginning of the month.  now, what to do with what’s left?  i’m sure i should just toss it all.  maybe i’ll repost (or in some cases post for the first time) when we’re back from labor day.
so out of 7 goals i completed 3 and what do you think, like 3/4? maybe 4 and 1/2?  not so bad.  alright that’s all i got.
what were your august goals??  what did you accomplish in august?

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