good weekend

despite the hurricane over the weekend, my weekend shook out to be just as planned. after much debate on friday morning about whether i should make the trip to pa for my cousin’s wedding, i decided to go ahead as planned and figure out my return when the time came. i considered staying in dc so as not to get stuck in pa during the hurricane and was tempted by the opportunity to be really productive reading, writing, taking care of things around the apartment but ultimately made the decision to go home so that i could spend time with two of my best friends from high school. and i’m glad i did. it was a quality weekend with a lot of people i love.

i had pizza and icecream with my sister when i got home on friday afternoon.

one of the last tastes of summer

paid a visit to my in-loves before going to my cousin’s wedding.

she. looked. stunning.

saturday morning i helped mike’s brother, dave, move into a new apartment with his girlfriend, gayle. even though it was crazy hot and humid, and moving is never fun, this became a great memory for me. dave and gayle ordered pizza for everyone after and as i sat on the porch with dave, gayle, and two of mike and dave’s friends, i had a strong sense of belonging and comfort: these people are my friends and family and regardless of how often we see each other or talk we’ll all help each other when we need it.

then i went to “the D” with these two:

you know how i feel about girlfriends (and pizza). more pizza:

tomato basil, with garlic. mmmmm

(do you see a theme running through this weekend??)

this morning i went to home depot with my dad and picked out this for our new apartment’s kitchen:

perfect for more storage

i drove back to DC and picked mike up from the airport before heading to date #2. more on that later…

how was your weekend?  survive the hurricane craziness??

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