a national treasure

we went to the national cathedral this weekend with mike’s parents, my in-loves, and it. is. incredible. stunning both inside and out.  

i’ve been appreciating the outside of the cathedral since we moved to the neighborhood last month but i hadn’t been inside until this morning.  it really is magnificent. every time i see a building like this i’m awestruck thinking about how it was built. like how did they do it?  it’s no wonder it took almost 100 years to complete. mike and i agreed that it reminds us of notre dame: grandiose in the gothic style common in many cathedrals to draw the eye upward toward God. 

there is so much history in the intricacies of the cathedral, religious stories and history stories told through the stained glass and the tapestries.  it is fitting that the national cathedral contains stories and materials from all over the country.  and every detail is intentional. 

the cathedral is truly a national treasure. if you’re ever in dc, i highly recommend you visit. it is literally right in our back front yard and i hope to spend a lot of time there from now on.