bread and dish soap

these two things are making me feel so productive, happy, content right now.  i honestly felt myself smiling and bouncing a little bit as i walked out of the grocery store a few minutes ago because i’m so glad i did this. yes, this was such a small errand but it is having/will have a nice payoff.  this feels good because a) i remembered that we needed these things and jumped off the bus at the last minute to run into the grocery store real quick (it feels so good to just take care of business), b) i’m loving our new neighborhood and the fact that i can just jump off the bus and run into the grocery store (running out for bread and milk just seems like such a to-do in the suburbs), and c) now mike will have something to take for lunch tomorrow and he’ll be appreciative that i thought of this (there’s something gratifying about doing something for someone you love).  

isn’t it funny how the littlest things can put you in such a good mood?