nfl lockout over

phew.  thank god the nfl lock-out is over.  i mean a fall without football, what would i do?  

here’s my football routine according to mike:

  • 30 min prior to kickoff: get excited about game time food.
  • kickoff: enjoy food. have a beer.
  • 5 min later: comment on Andy Reid’s weight.
  • end of 1st quarter: done eating.  finished beer. time for nap.
  • middle of game: move nap from couch to bed.
  • end of game: wake up.  determine outcome of game based on mike’s mood.  check on dinner plans.

but not this year. this is going to be the year in get into sports.  well at least football. mike asked me once if i could commit to one sport, one philadelphia team for an entire season which would it be?  easy.  the eagles.  why?  because they have the fewest games.  it’s a commitment i can stick to. and i can try to get into football.  hockey is a little too fast for me and baseball is a little too slow.  and who cares about the ‘76ers? i mean really.

with marriage mike’s commitment to me increased.  i am now a co-owner of a fantasy football team. mike has left his dad and brother “platt guys” and started a new team with me: “dc platts.”  and i have to be real here:  i actually am honored. now i need some tips so i can pull my weight as co-owner.  if you have any, please, leave a comment! 

so here’s to a great football season.  E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!

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