pots and pans

we got this gorgeous set of pots and pans for our wedding that we are just now starting to use (figured it didn’t make sense to open them before the move).  

aren’t they beautiful?  i want to keep them that way.  i told mike that we must read the manual closely so that we know exactly how to care for them.  and mike did!  ah! what a dream!

here are some things we must remember:

  • do not use pam or other aerosol cooking spray.  this is particularly important for mike because he is obsessed with pam, always asking me “did you spray the pan??” but, the user’s guide says that the sprays contain an ingredient that is hard to remove and i don’t want any gunk on my pretty pans.
  • let the pan cool before you clean it.  uh, yeah, sure i’ll happily do that!  but it says that food releases more easily from a cooled pan and adding cold water may cause the pan to warp. 
  • do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning pads.  i doubt that dawn counts as abrasive, right? i mean, it seems to be ok so far.  i did notice that the green part on the top of our sponge was scratching the pan a bit. we’ll use a washcloth from now on.  the user’s guide suggests bon ami cleaner, which i totally stumbled upon in target this weekend. 
  • don’t stack them on top of each other or they will scratch.

[bon ami all-purpose cleaner was touted as a “glam green product for on (or under) your sink” in the august issue of SELF.  oh, and it’s super cheap.  win-win.]