best bus ride ever

mike and i jumped on the bus after running some errands yesterday.  little did we know this would be an amazing ride. what’s wrong with this picture?

bus 1

don’t see it?

see the arrow in the picture below?

yeah.  that’s a lamp, not a pole. during the course of our ride we saw about 10 people reach for the lamp thinking it was part of the bus.  they were so startled when the “pole” moved as they grabbed it. this. was. hilarious.  my stomach hurt from laughing so hard.  pretty soon, most other riders realized that this was happening and everyone watched in anticipation as the next slew of riders made their way onto the bus.  at one point, someone started singing “another one bites the dust.”

oh, and see the guy standing right behind the lamp?  yeah, he was doing pull-ups at one point.

good. ride.