i’ve written about what i’ll call mike’s parents to other people.  but how do i address them to their faces?  since we started dating in high school, i called them mr. and mrs. _____ for years.  then in college i worked with mike’s mom and started to call her by her first name.  i never stopped.  but i continued to call his dad mr. ______.  then a few summers ago we went on vacation with them for a week and they told me and mike’s brother’s girlfriend to call them both by their first names.  so i started calling his dad by his first name half of the time and mr. the other half…or i just wouldn’t call him. 

now that we’re married, what do i call them?  at first i figured i’d call them by their first names still as i felt like i’d be betraying my own parents if i called someone else mom and dad.  but now i’m having a change of heart:

1) mike’s dad ended an email to me with “dad” and you call someone by how they sign their name (note: i didn’t give an intro in my email, just started the message) (another note: in a later email, he signed it with his first name…)

2) if i asked my parents, at least my mom, i think they’d say i should call them mom and dad and would want mike to call them mom and dad (that’s what they called my grandparents) 

so we’ll see.  i think i just won’t address them for a bit.