i don’t like this word.  not for mike’s parents anyway.  to me it has such a negative connotation, one that just doesn’t fit my in-laws.  you see, his parents are so kind and warm.  they have always been good to me, always been supportive.  i really enjoy spending time with them and treasure our relationship. i don’t want to call them by a word that has such negative implications.

i was telling my family about my concerns with calling his parents my in-laws.  a couple weeks later, my sister suggested the perfect name for them.  something she had read somewhere, probably in a chick-lit novel.  but regardless, i like it.  and it fits my husband’s parents perfectly: in-loves.  mike’s mom is my mother-in-love.  how sweet is that?

though i don’t think anyone would take me seriously if i actually used “in-loves” in conversation. i’ll just have to make sure that i have a positive tone in my voice when i say “in-laws.”