the right side of the bed

i woke up on the right side of the bed this morning.  yes, i woke up in a good mood but i mean i literally woke up on the right side of the bed.  what side is that, you ask?  the side with the alarm clock.  and because i woke up on this side, i went to the gym.

i’ve only been to the gym once since i got back from my honeymoon. and that was for a bodyflow class on a saturday. so i’ve been feeling a little out of control, out of my routine. it’s important that i get to the gym a few days a week and it’s important that i get there in the morning.  this is my time.  time to collect my thoughts before the day starts.  time to de-stress.  i was so happy to be back in my groove. so happy to hear my favorite radio morning show on the drive over.  AND the first song that came on my iPod when i got on the elliptical was glee cast “it’s my life/confessions.” ahh! though i almost started belting the lyrics at the top of my lungs, i didn’t.

but i digress. it’s crazy that something so small, what side of the bed you sleep on, can throw off a whole routine.  and when it comes to fitness (and i guess life in general), you have to set yourself up for success.  who knows what side of the bed i’ll sleep on this weekend.  but next week, definitely the side with the alarm clock.

oh, btw, that wasn’t me in the mcdonald’s drive-thru.  i walked in 😉