golf shirt

before our rehearsal, my husband had planned to play golf with the groomsmen.  he mentioned that he wanted to get a new golf shirt to play in.  i was running a bunch of wedding errands the wednesday before and figured why not stop in sports authority to pick one up for him.  i chose a white shirt with gray stripes and was happy with my choice.  i laid it out on the bed for him so he’d see it shortly after getting home from work.  he walked in, saw it and said “you didn’t!” he. was. beaming, laughing, and saying thank you.  he was so happy and couldn’t stop smiling.  i will always remember the smile it brought to his face. i’m smiling just remembering this.

i think it’s the little things like that that make a marriage or a relationship.  while it seems like a small thing, getting him that shirt showed him that i was thinking of him, that i had listened to something he said in passing earlier in the week, and that i love him and wanted him to enjoy himself while golfing.  and i do.